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Schulte Unsere Festlichen 250g


Schulte Our Festives 250g

Handmade, exquisite gingerbread specialities

Exquisite gingerbread specialities in 9 variations

Ingredients and Allergies

WHEAT FLOUR, glucose-fructose syrup, cocoa mass, apple pulp, brown sugar syrup, cocoa butter, ALMONDS, apricot kernels, honey, brown sugar, WHOLE MILK POWDER, sultanas, HAZELNUTS, oranges, lemon peel, chicken EGG white, sour cherry juice concentrate, invert sugar syrup, palm fat, rye flour, vegetable oils (rapeseed, cottonseed), caramelised sugar syrup, potato starch, WHEY extraction, WHEAT STARCH, SWEET MILK POWDER, HARDWHEAT GRAIN, water, glucose syrup, cinnamon, spices, gelatine, humectants: sorbitol, invertase; raising agents: ammonium carbonates, potassium carbonates, sodium carbonates, diphosphates; gelling agent: pectin; stabiliser: calcium sulphate; acidifier: citric acid; emulsifiers: lecithins (contains SOYA), mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; natural flavouring, salt. May contain other NUTS and PEARNUTS.