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Maggi Paprika Puten Pasta mit Frischkäse


Maggi Paprika Turkey Pasta with Cream Cheese

Fix for vegetable turkey pan with noodles

Fancy a delicious pasta? Pick up some fresh ingredients and a pack of MAGGI Fix for Paprika Turkey Pasta with Cream Cheese and the delicious noodles with turkey and lots of vegetables are quick and easy to prepare. With MAGGI Fix with 100% natural ingredients, your favourite noodles in creamy fish cheese sauce are on your plate in no time.

MAGGI Fix for paprika-turkey pasta with cream cheese: perfect for a balanced diet

Ingredients and Allergies

WHEAT flour, CREAM POWDER, sea salt, spices (onion powder, fenugreek, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, turmeric), MILK PROTEIN, onions, sugar, potato starch, herbs (parsley, chives, lovage), sunflower oil.