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Knorr Fix Jäger Schnitzel, 47g


Knorr Fix hunter's schnitzel

The classic schnitzel: Fresh mushrooms, bacon, onions and parsley composed into a spicy, juicy sauce.

With KNORR Fix products, you can delight your whole family. With the popular seasoning base, authentic and varied dishes are guaranteed to succeed.

Preparation instructions:
Add fresh: 3 pork, turkey or veal escalopes (150 g each) and 250 g mushrooms (fresh or tinned)
1) Fry the escalopes in 2 tbsp hot oil, remove and keep warm.
2) Clean the mushrooms, slice (or drain) and fry briefly in the fat.
3) Pour in 250 ml cold water and stir in the contents of the sachet. Bring to the boil while stirring and boil for 1 minute. Add the cutlets and let them heat up in the sauce. We recommend serving with spaetzle and mixed vegetables.

Ingredients and Allergies

Palm oil, STARCH, WHEAT flour, MALTodextrin, 4.1% onions³, MILK SUGAR, iodised table salt, flavourings, smoked bacon (pork, table salt, smoke), MILK WHITE, caramelised sugar syrup, sugar, seasoning, table salt substitute4, paprika³, table salt, parsley³, turmeric, pepper, white wine extract, garlic³, YEAST extract. 4 derived from natural potassium minerals May contain traces of EGG³, SOY³, CELERY and MUSTARD.