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Dr. Oetker Mousse a la Vanille 60g


Dr. Oetker Mousse a la Vanilla 60g

Cream powder for a vanilla mousse

For extra special moments: enjoy Mousse à la Vanille with its extraordinarily delicate taste. This dessert speciality is very easy to prepare and the best ingredients guarantee the highest quality. The mousse can be varied and served in many ways, for example with pieces of fruity fruit.

Preparation instructions: ***Ready to eat*** 1. Pour 250 ml cold milk or 200 ml cold milk and 100 g cold whipped cream into a mixing bowl rinsed with hot water.2. Add the cream powder and mix briefly with a mixer (stir sticks) on the lowest speed. Then whip for 3 minutes on the highest speed. 3. Pour the mousse into dessert glasses or a bowl and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. To form dumplings, chill the mousse in a shallow dish for at least 1 hour. Form dumplings with the help of a tablespoon.

Ingredients and Allergies

Emulsifier E 472b, natural bourbon vanilla flavouring, MILK WHITE, gelling agent carrageenan, salt, colouring agent carotene, ground extracted vanilla beans, natural flavouring (contains MILK INGREDIENTS).