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Become a Heimat partner

If you want to sell German products to UK customers, we are the place for you. Registration is free and you only pay a small percentage fee if an order has been placed. Best of all, if you can manage everything yourself but we can also assist you during the setup process.

Register as a partner and receive these benefits:

  • Easily sell to UK customers
    Heimat has thousands of customers, all interested in German products; like yours

  • Free and easy sign-up process
    Create a personalized seller profile and add text and images to showcase your company and what you offer. Upload and manage everything yourself

  • Fair and transparent fees
    Our fee is 15% on each sale

By registering you accept our Terms & Conditions for Partners as well as our standard Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Kindly note that every seller and product submission is subject to approval. This is to ensure the quality standards our users expect are met.